Outside insight paravent, 2016
in exhibition "TOMBER" at Very this Sunday

(more info here)

15 july 2018, 6 -9 pm

invited by Sarah Ancelle SchönfelD.
with Alvaro Urbano, Irena Haiduk, Kathrin Sonntag,
Philip Wiegard and Tania Perez Cordova.  


Patterns of the invisible

6 June - 14 July 2018
Curated by Konstanty Szydłowski, with John Aslanidis, Sophie Erlund and Zuzanna Skiba


Unearthing creative spaces with Oak
The Nordic Journal

interview with the participants from a two-part panel including Henrik Strömberg and Sophie Erlund as well as architect Sigurd Larsen and translator and writer Saskia Vogel, moderated by Daisy woodward

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 11.48.13 AM.png

"Night shift" at bar babette

group show invited by Ossian Fraser, with Carolin Eidner, Sophie Erlund, Ossian Fraser, Johanna Kintner, Florian Klette, Bettina Nürnberg & Dirk Peuker, Ariel Reichman, Raul Walch

saturday 28.04.18


A talk on how space affects how we work

for the launch of Oak Nordic Journal vol. 9, hosted by Freunde von Freunden

Wednesday 25.04.18


CO-EXisting with extraordinary fragility
Solo EXHIBITION AT CCA andratx, mallorcA

01.12.17 - 20.05.18